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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Nuts--Who Knew?

Not my friends...
This food change is truly a living experiment on a daily basis. 
Now that I'm off of wheat, oat, sugar (mostly), soy and cow products, I'm finding out all kinds of things about my body.
For example, I never thought I was allergic to peanuts (used to eat peanut butter by the spoonful). Two nights ago, I dig out an old container of peanut butter, eat a couple of tablespoons--and my face and throat start to itch. Then my scalp, my ears. Then my throat gets congested. I'm thinking, "What the hell?" So I go online--and read about peanut allergies! Thankfully, it's not like an anaphylactic shock-level allergy, but there it was. So, goodbye peanuts.


  1. Almond butter has been a good (new) friend to me when peanut butter turned on me! Peg

  2. Wow--peanut butter turned on you, too! I never *knew* that could happen. I figured you could either eat it with no problem for all of your life, or you'd eat it and immediately go into spaz/shock. The idea that you could eat it only UNTIL SOME POINT and be allergic but not in a deathly way--all news to me. I wish I'd gotten the It's Turning On You memo...
    Also, I've *loved* almond butter for years. The only reason I was eating the peanut butter is because I'd run out of the almond.
    And I am so pleased that you're reading the blog. Quite the treat!


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