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Friday, July 8, 2011

Just Willful, That's All It Was

photo: stonehands78
Willfulness. That's exactly what it was. Maybe fear, too: I'm holding on to the last grain-based carbohydrate, rice bread. And some sugar. And I decided not to follow instructions.
We all know this combination seldom ends well.

I'm doing simple food combining--no concentrated protein (e.g., eggs, cheese) and carbs (say, rice bread) together. No sugar and carbs.
I started the morning with some great blueberries. Fabulous. 30 minutes later, I sit down for breakfast:  Nuked egg whites together w/spinach, onions, and goat milk cheese. With 1 slice of rice bread toast, topped with blackberry jam (non-organic and w/white sugar). And 1 cup of coffee w/raw goat milk.
At this point, real food combo people would be backing out of the room. Not me.
I sat down to eat (with some trepidation, admittedly). It tasted good. And then...
Then my stomach started doing that thing...swelling up and out. Within minutes of chomping. As if someone was pumping me up with helium. I shoulda filmed it.
Of course, you may ask: Why? Why? Well, see the first paragraph. Also, I thought (I really did): Those rules probably don't apply to me. Ah, The Great Exceptionalism!
So. I am giving myself permission to stumble, and to learn. Methinks this is going to be quite the path to humility, as well.

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