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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Got My Goat (Milk)

I was a goat milk virgin until 2 hours ago. I'd never had the opportunity to drink it--and never sought it, either. Somehow goat milk was in that brain category entitled, "Nothing Good Will Come of This." What did I think would happen--I would grow horns, get gamey breath, and start headbutting people?

Well, today I decided to try it. I'm moving away from soy milk, have left all cow dairy products behind, and wanted something for fruit smoothies and for my coffee (while I'm still drinking it). I've read about the many nutritional benefits of goat milk, too, and ease of digestion. Finally, though most food combination mavens don't jump for joy at the idea of milk, it can be combined with certain fruits, like blueberries, with no negative outcomes.
And I decided to get raw goat milk, as I want to increase the amount of healthy microorganisms in my gut.
So, I went to People's Food Co-op, plunked down my money, and bought a gallon of Ferns Edge Goat Dairy raw goat milk. At home, though, I stared at the the bottle (an old-fashioned glass one), got up my courage, and drank about 3 ounces.
The taste wasn't at all gamey as I had expected. It has a bit of a creamy texture, but isn't at all thick (which I also expected). Then I waited to see how my stomach would react (I was afraid of another Balloon Belly Incident, as I wrote about previously).
But nothing happened. So, I made a smoothie with 1 cup of goat's milk, a cup of blueberries, and a quick shake of stevia. Then I drank it. Nothing's happened. That is good.
So my plan is to finish off the gallon of milk. I probably won't be buying any more, not because I don't like it, but as I think that will be enough to reintroduce the healthy gut  organisms, and dairy, of any sort, is not part of long-term food plan.
So far, I don't feel any nubs growing on the top of my head, and likely won't be. My breath is still the same. I'm glad I broke through another prejudice, too.

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  1. Hey Angela,

    This is fun. I don't understand about not eatting certain foods at the same time. Perhaps we can talk.

    You have not posted in a couple days, girlfriend.


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