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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

An "Uh Oh" Moment--or Two

Gosh, there is so much to learn about my body and this food thingy. I feel like I'm in a foreign land, don't speak the language, and am missing a map. Must be (kinda) like bringing your first baby home from the hospital (before reading a baby care book).
Today I almost passed out.

 I'd gone for a walk (before eating, as I wasn't hungry), came home, and eaten some cantaloupe. All the food combining stuff that I've read cautions against eating it with anything else (even other fruit. Cool. And I still wasn't hungry.
Then, about 90 minutes later, I begin to feel weak. I'd cooked up some kale, onion, and a smidge of sustainably raised bacon bits last night, some I had about  1-1/2 cups of that. My stomach filled immediately, but I was still dragging. I thought I'd wait to see if I felt better after digesting, so I waited about 1/2 an hour. Still draggy.
I ate some more, and made sure to get some of the bacon bits. Still very draggy, and really, really wanting carbs. And I was feeling lightheaded.

Now, I've been off of most grain carbs for a few days, I thought, "you could toast a slice of rice bread" (which I still have in the house). Then I remembered I had some hummus, so I ate about 1/3rd cup of that.
Well, my stomach ballooned up for a bit (seriously), but I started to feel less light-headed and weak.
This is how it felt, trust me.

I'm much better now, tho my stomach is still puffed up. I don't know what this means. The hummus isn't organic, that might be it...I don't know.
I'd hate to think I had to choose between lightheadedness and a non grain-based carb. And clearly I need to some work in identifying hunger.


  1. I’ve read that about cantaloupe too. Hummus = chick peas = beans = bloating. They may not look like beans by the time they’re hummus, but it does the same thing to me.

  2. You know, I've never gotten bloated from beans, AFAIK. However, I think I've spent a good part life bloated, etc., and just didn't know it...


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