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Monday, July 4, 2011

Today's Challenges

Tiredness. I took an hour nap after my morning walk, dragging much of the day.
Perhaps fatigue. Perhaps I've been in denial about the effects of detoxing off wheat, oats, and dairy. Highly likely.
My food's been clean and noncombined today (e.g., no protein w/starch or fruit). (Those combination rules are a trip, by the way. I've been eating 'wrong' according to them, my whole life. Am interested to see what difference, if any, they make.)
Had a plate of salad greens w/cukes and homemade tahini. Thought all was well, but got a small wave of nausea moments ago. Too much apple cider vinegar to thin the dressing? Body not ready for the fat in the tahini? Hard to know.
It's 6:24 pm, and I may just go to bed. Pooped and useless.


  1. I did food combining (more accurately, “noncombining”) for years. Not sure it made a difference. My understanding of the theory is that fruit takes little time to digest, so if it sits in the stomach with, say, protein, which takes longer, it ferments too much and causes gas. You’re making so many changes – all of them good – that I suspect it will be difficult for you to know which one is making a difference.

  2. You may be right about knowing which change is the cause of increased health. I've followed the more simple noncombining rules, and I *think* my digestion is better. Time will tell. I did find that one noncombing rule I didn't follow turned out to be beneficial (in this New Food World I'm in): not combining two different types of protein. I cooked some egg whites with some goat cheese and broccoli, and my stomach exploded into balloonland. I'm also thinking that I may have to give up the goat milk products, and the cheese might have exacerbated the gastro-explosion of this unholy protein marriage .


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