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Monday, July 25, 2011

What I Did

Yesterday I wrote about how I'm living with food, and focused a lot on the what and how I observe and learn from myself and my food and eating experiences.
I'm now gonna talk about what I did today, and what I've learned from it.
I drank some water, meditated, then ate a peach. My stomach got a bit gurgly, and the elbow noise started up, but I felt pretty good. And I wasn't hungry for a while (2 hours?)--until I was.
And I mean, hungry. So hungry that I couldn't think clearly about what to eat. I knew I needed protein, but I was afraid that some almond butter wouldn't be enough. So I made this: chicken sausage with garlic and onions I'd already chopped. I cooked approximately 1/4 pound of the sausage.
Not very attractive, I admit...
It tasted fine, though the throat-clearing and elbow popping started immediately. With sausage (even the free-range stuff bought at a local health food chain) you don't exactly know what you're buying. Though I'm sure there's no processed sugar, or wheat, etc. in it, there's something that's a challenge.
And I feel--full, very full, but I'm still craving protein. I'll wait for a bit, and see what happens. This has happened before. I notice it when I eat tuna, and I don't feel like I'm absorbing/using/capturing the protein (as I do with salmon and almonds, especially almond butter, and pecans). I'm also tired, almost like the sleepy I used to get from carbs.
Take Aways: (1) I digest fresh peaches really quickly, and might need to eat protein w/in half an hour of eating them; (2) I will stay away from sausage if I don't know what's in it; (3) I might need to eat even smaller servings of meat; (4) I need to diversify my protein sources; and (5) sometimes I don't trust my knowing of what I need to eat.
Living. Eating. Learning.

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