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Friday, October 7, 2011

More Being Revealed All the Time

According to the scale, I've lost the 3.6 pounds I gained over the last two weeks.
My food log shows that I ate more vegetables in the past week than in previous weeks.
My scale, however, may not be as trustworthy as I'd like. Actually, it's the floors in my apartment. I get different readings depending on the location of the scale, so I take several readings (in the bathroom and the kitchen), until I get the same reading twice. Not very scientific, is it? I may need to get access to a scale outside of my home, maybe once a month, as a confirmation scale.
Also, I am not giving myself enough sleep. I seem to pride myself on needing little sleep when, in reality, I think I do best with 9-10 hours a night. Is this yet another form of deprivation/self-harm revealed? Arrgh.

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