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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Stuck Between the "I Know That" and the Not Doing

What we want is "how to." And the more you diet and the more you struggle, the more you know all the answers...Most of us can look at a buffet on a ship and tell you how many points everything is on that buffet. We've got "how to" down...
So if "how to" is the issue--how to be joyful, how to have more meaning and purpose in our lives--then we'd be done. But "how to" is not working.

The problem is bigger than "how to." The problem is about what gets in the way of implementing what we know.

--Brene Brown
 This quote certainly resonates for me. I've made lots of recent changes to my food, mostly boosting the amount of fat I'm eating, and reducing, even more, the amount of carbs I consume. Well, that's the plan, anyway.
Here's the reality: I'm still eating too many carbs, and not enough fat. And, instead of tracking the amount of carbs, protein, and fat I'm eating on a daily basis, I do, but don't write the information down. In fact,  I solemnly weigh the food and track the portions in my head. Not writing them down, of course, means all that solemnness goes to waste, and I am not capturing information I need that will help me meet my goals and intentions. I'm not doing the things I know "how to" do and the things I need to move fully and successfully into this new (ketogenic) way of eating.
And it isn't about this particular food plan. I do this (what my mother used to call half-stepping) with a lot of my eating, and around a lot of others elements of my life.
Brown talks a bit in this video about the need--the crying pressing need we all have, in this culture--to begin talking about the things that get in the way. I am fortunate in that I am able to do that in my Women & Food group, and with most of my friends. So it isn't (for me, anyway) the opportunity to have those conversations that bring about change. 
In another video, Brown talks a bit about shame, and speaks a line early on that resonates for me: 
There was a part of me that was working very hard at staying small, staying right under the radar.
 The curious bit, of course, is that I am staying small by staying big (though I now weigh the least I have in years) and not doing the things I know will help me achieve my goals--and remaining right under the radar of success.
What is getting in the way of me implementing what I know?

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