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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Coming 'Round the Mountain

I am feeling as if the good news continues to blossom. 
Am still eating smaller meals (as I wrote about here) and weightlifting two to three times weekly. Today is my 16th day off of all grains. I also weighed myself on Monday, have put a weekly weigh-in on my calendar, and am logging my weight.
a black scale with a large white dial for measuring weight. On it is written, "Automatic Confession Machine."
Hello, old friend.
I was not pleased with my weight (200 pounds, exactly), yet was tired of my fear of the scale, and gave up that curious and familiar belief that if I didn't weigh myself I wouldn't weigh as much. (In my defense, I will say that the foolishness of this thought is a lot more evident on the screen than it is in my brain.)

In the beginning was the writing...
A few days ago I (again) started writing down the food I'm eating. Some of it (like raisins and nuts), I measure before eating. And as was true with the granola, just the act of recording the quantity has painlessly led me to eating less food. 
I do have challenges when I go out to eat. Yesterday, for example, I met a friend for lunch at Pambiche, a wonderful Cuban restaurant, and had roast pork, pinto 
a photo of blue-black sky at night, and the outside of Pambiche, a restaurant, on the left of the photo.
beans, brown rice, and flan. 
The food was so tasty! Unfortunately, I was full half-way through the carbs, but kept eating. I really looked forward to the flan, so had some, in spite of my fullness.
Pam, who also got the flan, wisely took most of it with her in a takeout box. As she did so, I thought to myself, "Why don't I ever think of that?" I never do. I did write down my food when I got home, a good thing. 
Fortunately for me, I don't eat out very often, so this is (hopefully) a small blip in my move to eating smaller portions. And the next time I do, I hope to be more conscious of my fullness, and not feel the need to take all of the food home in my stomach.

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