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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Progress? Of Course, Then, a Meltdown

I was going to write about choosing a goal weight, but then, you see, I started to cause problems for myself.
I've weighed myself three times (including today) in the past month. I've lost 5 pounds without being weight-focused.
But with that news this morning came the emotional thrashing about in its many guises:
--the calculating ("Well, if I do have a goal weight, should I have a goal date?  A year? Hmm...can I get there faster? How fast?" and so on);
--the fantasizing ("My stomach will be so much smaller");
--the other-directedness ("Should I take some 'Before' pictures now so people can see my progress? Should I show my face?"); and, finally...
--the eating: all clean, but lots of it, heedless eating, unpresent eating.
I must have scared myself somehow, because all this was surely bells of alarm.
So now--maybe I'll just coast in the land of no-change, no decision,  for a while. Yes, I'll do that.

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