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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Not My First Time at This Rodeo

Like many of the fat, this is one of scores of times I've attempted to change how I eat. Usually it's been because I wanted to lose weight, sometimes to lose myself in a new project. Sometimes to fix myself.
This time, I want to avoid (1) a race to the scale and (2) compulsiveness or absolutism in any form. I don't want to become a food/nutrition hard head or blowhard. I want to remain flexible. I want to learn how to live this, and not focus on arriving--at a certain size, weight, food path, or philosophy.
I also want to avoid, as much as I can, judging others--especially other fat women--against my image of who I want to be, who I am. I do both quite a bit.
And I'm including blogging in this process because I want to be more public (while knowing, of course, that there will be the wonderful anonymity of being one of a bizillion blogs out there) about this process. And to let other fat people, especially other fat women like me, know that, though this is hard, it can be done, that we're not alone, that we can bear witness to one another's transformation.

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