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Saturday, July 2, 2011

If We Can Put People on the Moon, Why Can't We Make Better Juicers?
I was out with some pals today at a Laughing Planet Cafe, and the conversation turned to juicers.
I'm a juicer neophyte, but anyone who goes raw (or likes fresh juice) knows a juicer will one day be in their future. Juicers significantly reduce the cost of fresh juice, and  you can have most any juice combo at 3 am, if you so desire.
The downside of juicers? Two words: cleaning them, the first topic that comes up whenever you utter the word "juicer" in a crowd.
There are lots of parts to dissemble, little bolts to lose, pulp to scoop, and pulp to chase that just doesn't want to be removed, etc. Why does juicing have to be such a deal?

So I read the reviews, and got an Acme Juicerator 5001. It's a centrifugal juicer, which means you push the produce down a tube, where it is grated by a spinning toothed plate, and the juice flung against the walls of the juicer, an. This week I bought one 2nd-hand for $80; new, it's around $180.
The Juicer, in Quite White!

This baby is solid--built like a tank! Luckily, its not noisy, and does an excellent job of extracting juice: the pulp is always very dry. And it doesn't vibrate excessively, or move while operating
I'm not saying it's perfect: it doesn't like leafy veg, and the insetion tube for the veg and fruit could be much wider and bigger. It doesn't eject pulp, as some juicers do.
And, like all juicers, it needs to be disassembled for cleaning. There are about 5 parts, not a great big deal, that have to be washed. One is The Little Doohicky That Holds It All Together (aka the Clutch Nut), and I'm fearful of losing it. My cat DeeDee would make it into her favorite toy in no time, so I make sure to keep it in an Undisclosed Location.

I think I'm going to juice maybe once a day, instead of each time I want juice (which I did the first coupla days). I hope the nutritional hit of doing so isn't major.
But NASA, now that you're not doing the space shuttle program any more, could you maybe focus on bringing us a better juicer?

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