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Monday, August 22, 2011

Ball of Protrusion

Confession time: I feel and am healthier than I've been in years. I'm losing weight and getting fit. And yet-- I'm dissatisfied. I want my body to let go of excess weight in a particular way, and it just isn't cooperating.
I want mega  fat loss in my belly and my boobs, along with  an overall smooth shrinking of the rest of me.
Instead, I'm getting weight loss quickly in every other part of my body except my B&Bs. This, in turn, has the effect of making my belly (which has gotten smaller) look even bigger than before. Ditto the breasts. I resemble a squat, pregnant insect. Not what I had in mind...
I'm losing lots of fat from:
  • under my belly (that is, between the belly and my pubes)
  • my back (and I didn't even realize I had fat on my back!)
  • my arms (triceps area)
  • my upper belly
  • my butt and upper thighs
In addition, I'm realizing that large areas of smooth fat (e.g., my back) can, in the weight-losing process, turn into small rolls of fat.

I'm Shallow, Too
Although I've told myself (and anyone who'll listen) that my focus is on eating in a more health-giving fashion and not the scale, I do want to lose weight and--almost as important--have other people notice and exclaim about my "success". I didn't think I was so shallow, but I guess I am.
So many lessons learned. I wasn't admitting to myself my unspoken desire to both lose weight and receive external affirmation for doing so. Also I didn't recognize, until now, how invested I was in losing weight in a way that made me look good, instead of accepting all of the ways I'm changing, and letting go of expectations about how that change presents.

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