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Sunday, August 21, 2011

One Thing Has Become Apparent

I am much more comfortable writing about the doing of this food/fat transformation experience than my feelings about/surrounding it.
That became apparent to me recently as I reviewed my draft blog posts and list of post ideas. Dominating both were topics in the "How I'm Doing It" category: sprouting/soaking seeds and nuts, recipes I've created, descriptions of new rituals, my eating patterns and water intake, etc.
In noticeably short supply are posts on how I feel and what it is I feel as I walk through this. That, I believe, is of great value to me, and my wonderful readers--and the most challenging for me to write.
And now I'm feeling emotionally stuck. Jan Henderson commented on my last blog post (Painful Belly), and suggested that I consider writing difficult topics for myself. I was doing that kind of journaling before. One great benefit: writing about 'tender' topics in my journal allowed me to process them, and I would then (sometimes) be able to write about them on the blog.
So I am going to take that suggestion, and see what happens.

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