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Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Locomotion

I now understand why portly people walking quickly might evoke laughter from others: There's all this busyness that the arms have to do to propel one forward-- while the rest of the body moves in half-time. The look is much like a wind-up machine. This is one of the results of having  a fat and flaccid core.
I found this out after doing some ab work over a couple of days at the gym. My stomach muscles were sore, so I held them tightly. I then noticed my arms weren't moving nearly as much when I walked. I noticed, too, that my shoulders came down and I was more relaxed across the chest and even in my throat.
Now when I'm walking, I make a point of relaxing my arms. That way my stomach muscles propel my body, a much more efficient way to walk.

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