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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Getting Very Narrow , and Quite Quickly

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Day 4 of being off of granola. Day 2 and 3 were a bit hard because of carb cravings that have, fortunately, passed. 
I'm now forgoing all grains  for 90 days. I will be eating carbs, however: beans, yams, dark chocolate, and fruit (including, for now, small quantities of raisins and medjool dates).
Also, I seem to be a lot more sensitive to grains than I ever imagined. 
Exhibit 1: Two days ago I had two Trader Joe's falafels (a full serving is three). I've had these many times before, but I made a point of reading the ingredients closely this time. Wheat was way down on the list (after some of the spices, for gawd's sake!), so I thought the falafel would be safe to eat. 
No. Within 20 minutes my indicator elbows were back, cracking and popping like crazy. 
Exhibit 2: I am letting myself have one serving of dark chocolate daily.Today and yesterday (well, I had to be sure) I had one serving of TJ's dark chocolate with almonds. The  indicator elbows happened again."Wot!" thought I.  I can eat almonds, and I can eat chocolate, so what was this all about. 
I went to the label and what did I spy: "MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF WHEAT, MILK, PEANUTS, OTHER TREE NUTS AND SOY." Never in my life have I been this sensitive to food. Traces
Damn.  The road is getting narrower, and quickly.

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